Craigs Sag


TVR in front of Leeds Castle

Own and drive a TVR Sagaris ;  are you mad ?    Yes I probably am.

For those that don’t know TVR are/were a British manufacturer of Sports Cars.  Lovely lines with lots of grunt and noise to keep your neighbours happy.

The best description I heard recently of driving a TVR.  Too quick on the the throttle; you’re dead.  brake too late; you’re dead.  Change the radio station; you’re dead.  Answer your phone; you’re dead.   I think you get the picture.

It’s a drivers car and it’s meant to be driven;   No nanny state driving aids – Traction Control : No,  Airbags : No,  Anti Lock Brakes(ABS) :  No.   Again I’m sure you get the picture.


It’s a lovely car to drive.   Planted on the road, the steering is direct and exact.  Doesn’t look like any of the other Euroboxes that are out there at present which gives it a lovely presence on the road.

TVR and Merlin

It’s also not a garage queen, it gets used for various things although I quite haven’t had the need to use it for a run to the tip yet although it’s been to the supermarket quite a few times.

The original Autocar Road Test can be found here :