Running Stats

This is what it comes down,  how much does it cost to run.   Servicing, fuel, MPG all of that will be documented below.

Fuel – ah that item we can’t do without.

AVERAGE MPG23.652055644253
Worst MPG18.523738872404
Best MPG28.16223335488
Mileage coveredCostFuel added (L)Fuel added (G)MPG
15037.52 31.29 6.8321.94
170 37.8331.296.8924.66

23rd July 2015 it was at Millbrook for the TVRCC 50th Anniversary so it was over the Alpine Course quite a few times, round the 100MPH bowl also quite a few times and it did the mile straight (up to 130MPH quite a few times). I’m impressed with the MPG especially when 100 of the miles covered was the run home on the M1/M25/M20.

Servicing and other items.

30th Nov 201512K Service + Misc1047
15th Dec 2015LCD Dash replacement70
9th March 2016Tyres552
25th August 2016Clutch etc1522.80
25th October 2016Steering Rack1034.00
26th January 2017Coil / De-cat427.37
24th May 20176,000 Mile Service350
2nd May 2019Diff rebuild1525
28th May 2019Tyres516
13th March 2020Slave cylinder replacement679
26th January 2021Master cylinder and hoses for clutch. 645
4th May 2021Complete Engine Rebuild and some extras10647

30th Nov 2015.   It’s the first time it’s been in for a service since I took ownership of it.  minor problem occurred just prior to booking it in – the Oil Pressure warning indicator came on warning of high pressure then it would drop to normal, so it was added to the list of things to get fixed whilst it in was in getting serviced.   Also on the list was that the brakes occasionally didn’t feel like they were consistent in their braking abilities.

So this was a 6K service (Nov 2014 was a 12,000) although I don’t think it was a proper one (more on that later).

So along with the service some minor items had cropped up – the engine mounts had sagged (they all do that) so Dan replaced them with an uprated set which will probably not fail for the rest of their life or at least for a while anyway.

The oil pressure sender was replaced and it’s functioning properly now.

It seems that the brake fluid doesn’t look like it had been changed for a while (it was dark) and there was some air in there so that would explain the occasional inconsistency in braking.   Annoyingly the 12K service its previous owner seemingly had should have replaced the fluid.   Ah well it’s braking like a dream now.

Taking it home from Taylors it’s like a different car, seems to run easier and idle happier.

Cost for the service including the parts came to £1047 which to me was a bit of an ouch – I did think that the service cost was a tad high (£545) but then again it’s been given a thorough going over with a few of the niggles sorted.  We’ll see how it gets on when it’s next due.

Dec 2015

One thing that annoyed me during the summer was that the LCD dash when the sun was shining you couldn’t really read the display. So errors/alarms if any were not going to be visible.

Found out that Lee Gascoyne makes replacements which are relatively easy to retrofit as a direct replacement.  An Order was placed a few months back and it was always planned to be a job for the winter.


Instructions are: here

IMG_1506So much better.

9th March 2016

The Yokohama tyres that were on the car had been on since the car was effectively new.  They were date stamped for 2006 but still had plenty of tread left on them (6mm).  However I felt that the ride in the car wasn’t being helped by the lack of give on the sidewalls.  Potholes were bad and shocking to the spine, even minor bumps on the road were quite solid so it was time for them to be replaced.   We also had a European road trip involving the Autobahns coming up so I didn’t want to mess about just in case.

On ramp

Asking around I opted for the Michelin Sport Pilot 4s  255/35 R18’s all round to be replaced.  Got them through Black but got them fitted at ATS Euromaster at Upper Stone Street in Maidstone.   A Great bunch of guys John and Dean were very helpful and did a great job changing them over and I’ll definitely revisit them to get any others I need for my other vehicles.


Cost for the four – £552 include filling with Nitrogen free of charge.

Three years later on I’ve an update – check for 28th May 2019 below.

25th August 2016

21500 miles in.   On a short run (couple of miles) the clutch started to squeal but despite trying to get it home it failed and I lost the clutch completely.   Initial diagnosis put it as the slave cylinder but whilst we were in there it made sense to have a look at the clutch itself.   Given that it had done 21500 miles and none of the service receipts mentioned a clutch being replaced I figured it was a logical time to change it.  When it was taken out the clutch only had three fingers left and they were hanging on by a wing a prayer.

Decision made – change the clutch, replace the slave cylinder and also the bearing at the same time.

All done and back on the road feeling like new.   It seems that the average clutch goes on the Sagaris at about the 20,000 miles so mark so I don’t feel so bad changing it.


All done for what I thought was a very reasonable £1522.80.

25th October 2016

Yes not very far from the clutch being done I had noticed that the steering fluid was leaking from the rack.   I needed the car for a few weeks (bridal run) so I topped it up; realistically it wasn’t leaking a lot and after 500 miles it needed about 1/2″ of fluid.  Not a lot but enough to be annoying.   So the rack came out and was sent away to be refurbished; it returned like new.


It was promptly fitted and runs like a dream now.img_3018

Of course due to the nature of the fitting, it was new fluids all round including the engine oil (Mobil 1 5w-40).

January 2017

Coming back from a recent TVR breakfast meet at the Teal Cafe it was misfiring and running as rough as a badgers arse.  It only did it when it was warm so I figured it was the coil that was playing up.   So a replacement coil and new leads were duly ordered.

It was all replaced and whilst we were there the CATs were removed from the exhaust.  Provides a much throatier noise with the occasional pop/bang.   Definitely louder on acceleration but when cruising it’s hardly noticeable.

24th May 2017

Time for it’s 6,000 mile service even though it’s done nothing like that.  All done, nothing else required.

10th July 2018

Time for another 6,000 mile service.   It’s done 2,500 since it’s last one.   All done.  Nothing required.

30th July 2018.

Indicator repeater on the drivers side, the fixing was slack, so new one ordered.

2nd May 2019.

The diff was weeping oil onto the exhausts so it was time for the diff to be removed and sent off for a rebuild.   Whilst it was out the tank/underbody was cleaned and refreshed.

28th May 2019

Something’s missing.

So just over three years ago I changed the tyres on the car for Michelin Sport Pilot 4’s. It seems after just 8000 miles the fronts are gone. Whilst I can’t fault the grip and handling they gave the life expectancy is not quite what I’d expect from a premium tyre – especially one that’s not been tracked or driven ‘hard’.

So they’re coming off never to be replaced with Michelins again. I’ve managed to eek them out till the new Goodyear Eagle Asymmetric 5 in the size I need (255/35 R18) were available for the Sagaris, again through Black Circle I’ve ordered them and had them fitted at Boxley Tyres in Maidstone who made very swift work of the fitting as well as the balancing – which after a quick blast up the motorway is confirmed both fronts and rears are good.

Ooooo new rubber.

All in – £516 for four.

12th March 2020

Clutch slave cylinder replaced as it was still weeping even after being replaced under warranty previously.

4th May 2021.

With the small oil leak annoying me it was time for an engine rebuild. Whilst this may seem extreme (and probably is) the engine had to come out and there was low pressure on one of the cylinders so in my mind it made sense to get it all checked out and made good.
See the engine rebuild page here.