Engine Rebuild

April 2021.
At just a tad over 30,000 miles a couple of things were niggling me. Firstly there’s a reduction in compression in cylinder 6 which was picked up a while ago but not a lot you can do without taking the engine out but more lately a small oil leak in the same area near the bulkhead which was getting annoying.

Do I decided whilst the engine is out I’d get it rebuild. So it was booked into Powers Performance in Coventry April 2021. Dom was going to strip it, rebuild it and give me a three year warranty on the work. Can’t ask any more really.

So the strip down took place. Pictures from Dom.

During the strip down there were a couple of things identified as needing remedial work; one of these included replacing what transpired to be Indian cast made conrods. It’s additional expense but needed if you need the warranty.

During the Build – with new liners installed.

All installed and currently being run in for the first 1,000 miles. No more than 3,000 revs and short shifting like a mad thing.