How did I get here ?

My previous car was a delight (Dax Tojeiro with a punch Chevy 6.3l engine) and I’d had that for eight years, the last three years of which I’d decided that I wanted to change it but couldn’t decide what to replace it with.  It took three hard years of looking, considering, discounting and then moving onto something else.


My requirements were fairly simple : Lots of poke,  hard top and space for a little luggage (e.g. a weekend away).   It came down to two vehicles :  the Noble M400 or the Sagaris.


My wife tried both of them for size and discounted the M400 due to the driving position – annoyingly I had quite liked the car but kicked it on the head due to lack of any decent bag storage space.  Even with the  luggage kit you can’t get anything of size in the car so it was the Sagaris.  That’s it – it came down to luggage space !


So in January of 2015 we paid a visit to see one we were to purchase and that’s where this all started.   The previous owner had laid it up for three years or so and I expected a few issues along the way with perished seals, worn rubber etc and I wasn’t really disappointed as the list of problems documents.