Thought I’d start this page to document any problems I’ve had with the car since I purchased it in February 2015.  The running costs page has more details on quite a few of these items.

1. March 2015  Nothing major but the front left speaker is intermittent.  Now fixed – loose connector on the crimp connections inside the door.

2. April 2015. Alarm / Immobiliser got it’s knickers in a twist – when I unlocked it, it locked and the reverse when I locked it.  Alarm guys called out and problem fixed.   An annoyance given that I didn’t want to drive it just in case the immobiliser side of things got funny whilst travelling. Got the instructions so if it happens again I know what to do.

3. August 2016  21500 miles and the clutch started to squeal on a very short trip around the block.  Tried to get it home to investigate but I lost it completely about 1Km from home.   Slave cylinder was gone and it seems that there was three fingers left on the actual clutch.  So the clutch was replaced, new slave cylinder and bearing also installed.oldclutch

4. October 2016 Steering fluid leak coming from the front right hand side of the rack.  So the rack has been removed and sent away to Birmingham to be renewed and fixed with new track rod ends etc.

5. January 2017 Misfiring when it’s hot.   Coilpack and new leads all replaced.  Took the opportunity to decat it also.

6. August 2017  Whilst on the Backhome Newhome TVR organised event we’d done a round the UK trip prior to heading to Blackpool to join others for a run to TVR’s new home. Brake fluid light came on; topped it up. Next day; light came on again- no leak to be found. Decided not to run through the Welsh twisties and opted to head home instead. Since the brake and clutch share the same reservoir I didn’t know which one it was so we went for it. 190 miles to home without touching the clutch or brakes once. Not bad for M6/M1/M25/M20. Transpires that the clutch release bearing had a small leak through a scratch. Thankfully replaced under warranty.

7 February 2019. It seems there’s a small leak from the diff onto the exhausts, access isn’t straight forward which basically means the bottom rear of the car has to come out (body, exhausts, fuel tank).
Diff was sent off for full repair and I took the opportunity to clean and tidy up major parts as well as getting the fuel tank bracket re-made (Mr Grinder was required due to limited access on the fixing bolts).

Repaired diff about to be installed.

Feb 2020 There still seems to be a small leak from the clutch slave area. Not a lot; but the fluid over time is going down. I play safe and get the whole thing replaced.

June 2020. The Clutch whilst appearing good, wouldn’t let me engage gears when I went to move it from the garage. Time to get the man in again, no rush due to the various lockdowns we had during 2020.
Upon further investigation the slave is fine, looks like the master is playing up so that’s changed and whilst they were there they changed the hoses as they were slightly suspect.
Due to COVID I had sorned the car so was unable to give it a good test; it’s sat there for a few months and when I went to use it I was able to use the clutch which was a good sign. Previously I’d not been able to use it after a day or so.

Whilst the clutch was getting done, when the exhausts were off it was noticed that the hangers at the rear for the exhausts were perished and needed replacing. So they were both replaced.